Sunday, September 30, 2012

goodbye England

this gonna be my last entry i write from Durham..

a lot to say, a lot to tell..but i have no time..i make a promise to several people that i'll write my europe trip experience but it seems like i gonna break that promise..sorry!!

abah is very excited when he knew i'll be back earlier than's good to make our parents happy isn't it? i keep telling him not to fetch me up at klia, but he still insist to come and wanna be the first person to see me when i landed at the airport..sweet kan abah saya? :D

hmmm...seems like i gonna miss this place so, definitely gonna miss Durham..miss sleeping in the duvet while its like a freezer outside..miss seeing flowers blooming in the spring, miss 'snow man' during winter, miss eating strawberry like crazy and not to forget, miss all my friends here..when thinking like we might not see each other again, it makes my cry..but, at least few of my friends surveying tickets to come to M'sia now ;)

ok, as usual, few pictures is enough to tell you what i've been up to few weeks before i say goodbye to England...

Man Utd vs Wigan at Old Trafford..4-0 ok!!!

CN Blue concert at Indig02..pekak telinga..

few girls craving for keropok lekor at Malaysian Hall

Harry Potter Studio..

last day with will be missed girl..

ok done!! kena start packing..byee