Monday, March 10, 2008

2 hari yg menenangkn..

weekend baru2 ni aku sempat blek kedah..bkn tuk mengundi, tp tuk tenangkn fikiran yg berserabut dgn masalh2 yg sendiri timbulkn..
bak kata br zaini : "if u dont hv any problem, don't create one..."
yup..u rite, lately i juz not being my own self..i create problem n now my life got mess up by those problem that i juz created..then, i stuck on the middle of finding my real me..
n its so, thats why after office hour(without any planning), i drive to my hometown..around 12 30 am i manage 2 arrive safely..Alhamdulillah..even though my mum mengucap panjang when i call her to open up the door, tp every thing was ok...
2 days at home are juz enough to think of many things, 2 find what i need in my life n 2 manage back what is unmanaged usual, looking at parents face is like u juz throwing out all ur problem n all da peacefulness will come back 2 u..thats what i got during my last 2 days
then, my brother n his family also at home for the votes..then, chit chat wif him, i got so much knowledge from him..especially bout a lecturer, of course he manage to explain bout smthing in a very proper way until i got back my spirit.."abg, ur thought really motivates me"
what i wanna share wif u guys...he said : "Ingat, naik keter tayar pancit perkara biasa walopn ia jarang, kena la b'lajar cara nk tukar tayar...ok?"
i leave it 2 u guys 2 think of da meaning behind it...
another one.."nurul, don't make any crazy things like this anymore.."..maksudnya dia dh x bg aku drive sengsorg blek kedah gamble cam tu jer..haha

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