Friday, April 04, 2008

Miss Nurul become Dr Nurul

hello i become very ambitious gurl after i read few successful people's blog..knowing that to be good need thousand things to do n million trial to be listed as one of successful person.
but i'm sure the time will come one day even though i donno when..

how miss nurul can be dr nurul??even though the journey still too far, but along the way to become dr nurul, i know i can achieve it..InsyaAllah.
rite now, i hv so many things playing around my mind n so many things i would like to do..
but theres also so many obstacles i need to tough huh?
let me share few things i wanna do..1st, of course i need to further study (if not, how miss nurul can become dr nurul?) to further study, of course i need, who dare to say that money is not everything?? don't lie la....
then, i would like 2 buy a least i can show my expertise as an 'interior designer'..haha(i really hate if i hv an idea but it juz 'fertilized' in my mind..cannot transfer into so sakit hati)..still need money rite...
another one, i would like to make-up my lovely car 'HoneyVi' still cannot do so..the reason is..well, u know da answer rite??
its ok la...i realize, i can't do everything in one least i do smthing in everytime so that one day i can get everything i wanted...
there's nothing wrong 2 b ambitious rite?
kdg2 berangan sorg2 ni best jgk kn? n rite now, aku tgh berangan one day i ll be called as 'Dr Nurul Husna'....hehe


Anonymous said...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -- Confucius

So Dr. Nurul you have already taken a few strides by completing ur Bachelors.. so just a few more to go..

Boleh Insha'Allah.

Husna said...

tq ch00bits 4 ur support..InsyaAllah, i ll achieve it..;)

Unknown said...

Well, I can assure you that money is not a determining factor if you are going after Dr. Nurul. What matters is your determination. There are a lot of opportunities in Malaysia, and you have to grab them. But to do that, you probably have to wait on your idea of getting a big house, and making up your car for now. Keep dreaming big but take small steps towards your dream....Good Luck future Dr. Nurul

Husna said...

Bro Joey : tq so much 4 da advice..
yeah, i'm taking small steps now..
but smtimes things doesn't go my way n make my steps getting smaller n smaller..huhu
so happy when people call me Dr Nurul..hehe