Sunday, January 06, 2013

twenty eight

I just turn 28 last my family members who forgot my birthday, I forgive

somehow I can feel the, I love to stay home and do my own thing rather than going out for shopping or 'lepak'-ing which I used to enjoy it before..every time my mum calls and ask what I am doing, the answer would be staying home, cooking, reading, watching movies etc..don't you go out with your friends?? those typical questions from my parents..probably it sounds weird for them to know that I didn't go anywhere on weekend..

yeah, thats how I am now..sigh!


Amri said...

Biological clock tu. Sekarang kan winter kat Durham, tu sebab tak keluar rumah. Tunggulah bulan 6 nanti, baru rajin keluar sebab summer :P

Husna said...

Lutfi, betul jugak tu..ahhah