Wednesday, September 12, 2007

time has come

after waitg 4 about 2 month, then da time has come to start new life. TM has called me last 2 weeks..then 2morrow i ll attend 2days interview session at 'rebong'. this is juz a placement interview session - to know what is my area of interest..i dont know why it takes until 2 days for it. after that, i ll go for Pre employment training program until 28th Sept (2 weeks long). after the training, they said that i hv 2 start working on 1st Oct. so, i hv got only 2 days untuk carik rumah sewa and 2 clear all da unsettle things...i thought i can celebrate Ramadhan at home wif my family, tp x kesampaian..mungkin Allah dh tentukn ini yg terbaik utk aku..redha jer lah..i dont know where they ll put me in..x kesah la kt KL ke, kat Kedah ker..asalkn jgn Sabah Sarawak sudah...aku harap semoga Allah permudhkn segala urusan aku kt dunia n akhirat..Aminnn

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