Wednesday, October 03, 2007

disini bukan tempatku

i dont know how to express my feeling rite now...everything got so confusing..huhu.
working at product development dept is not what i want..i m not belong 2 this place where everybody siting in front of PC all day long..i cannot survive like this and i wanna run out from all this messy me!!!


hazlif said...

di sini juga bukan tempatku...
so, what are you and me waiting for????
who got d answer, plz let us know.

Hafeeny said...

To filz n nurul..doing what we dislike is really tiring rite. I got 3 answer for that question Filz.
a)If you willing to take risk, my answer is resigning..there are lot of choices waiting both of you out there.
b)If you want to play safe, wait for several years..then further your study.
c)Be loyal...huhu, jadilah insan yang tabah.

To whatever it is, ask Allah for help..He is the Al-Fatah, The Opener..

Husna said...

thanx ifah 4 ur advise..:)