Saturday, September 12, 2009


sori dh lama x menulis..actually, there's nothing in my mind that is interested for me to write n might b boring for u guys to read..i juz don't want u to waste ur time lepak cni and read smthing bored..

its already 12am now, but still can't close my eyes and layan mimpi indah2..still rasa segar lg..
its alwaz been like this when i went through a tiring day..yea, today was 1 of the day..i hv got training the whole morning..then, after Friday prayer,we hv photoshoot session for Raya festive was held at Tmn Tasik so hot but funny n enjoyable..lari kjap dr kesibukan keje..mmg best la kn kalo skip keje..haha
can't wait 2 c the guys may check at my'll b available soon..;)

actually, few things happen all this while..n problem come n go..smtimes it comes without me need to solve it n then it juz fixed it by itself n flies away...Alhamdulillah

i do chat a lot wif my mum lately..mayb bcoz i miss her so much n she miss me too..still 5 days to go, then i'll go back to kampung n meet her..insyaAllah..

mmg dh x der mood nk buat keje skrg..eventhough i hv few things to settled b4 my long holiday..really need 'rajin pills' huh, so that i keep motivated all the station keep playing raya rong, thats why la x sabar nk blek raya...

another good thing happen in my life is 'Farisya Alia'..Jat n Ana's cute n so much like me..haha(ader kaitan ke?)
n can't b forgotten, i dpt anak sedara baru named Nur Yusrina..till now, x sempat brjumpa n brkenalan lg..hehe..this coming raya baru nk jumpa..such a bad aunty sorry..:(

2mrrw, i'll go to Jln usual, need 2 buy new scarf for my mum n my lil sis..dah seminggu request new tudung..ok la, nnt akak belikan...juz wait n wear..hehe

a day after plak, nk continue buat believe it okkk..based on testimonial, diorg kata sedap..hahaha

ok la, actually ada benda lg nk story kt mcm malas plak nk tulis..x yh la eh..niteeee sumer

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