Wednesday, January 06, 2010

mata..sila la pejam

masa: 00:41

x bole tido..tandanya akn bangun lewat dh janji ngn Miji nk dtg opis awal..jadi kena paksa jgk bangun awal esok..sblm paksa esok bgn awal, kena paksa mata pejam jgk2 skrg ni..

td bincang ngn my housemate psal pengambilan n penghantaran dia ke opis setiap hari..aku dh x bole nk antar dia ke opis, sbbnya aku akn sentiasa lewat smpi opis..
aku mntk pendapat all the engineers kt opis td..aku suka tya diorg, sbb diorg suka pikir..diorg suka figure out how to solve any problem..n yg plg best diorg come out dgn few, it left to me to pick one..semua aspect diorg pikir..abis semua engineering logic dr yg munasabah smpi la yg x bole pki semua opinion harus di ambil secara serius..x bole throw it out straight away..sbb itu hukum brainstorming..
lpas dh kumpul semua opinion, then we agreed upon one best opinion n it becomes a solution for a time being which is my housemt hv 2 go with taxi..thats the best solution as 4 now..after this, we hv to monitor that solution..see how its going..if any prob occur with that solution, we hv either fix that prob if possible or to go to another plan which needs to go to another round of discussion..

yeah, the problem look simple..but once we talk to the engineers, thats how they solve it..look perfect rite?? i like it ;)

the way they solve this prob juz like they r handling one project that might worth rm400k..haha

p/s: eh luper..kena paksa tido skrg..bye

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