Friday, April 01, 2016

..after 2 years

hellooooo everyone!!!'s been two years this blog's not like I super damn busy, no juz I don't have any interesting story to share..

ok, let's start again from now on ya..

my life at a glance...
first, i already have a baby..yahooo!!! eh, Alhamdulillah..yes, that is the best part of my life..seriously
second, i quit TM..another best part as well..thanks TM  for the bitter sweet 7 years memories that we shared..i treasure so much
third, i further PhD..this is the process of 'sedang merialisasikan mimpinya satu-persatu' as u can read at your right side..

ok, I'll try to write every day, eh no, once a week, no,,once a month..ermm, regularly..i'll find time

now, susu time for Hasya..bye!