Sunday, April 03, 2016

minggu ketiga PhD

sekarang dah masuk minggu ketiga cik noni jadi student..still in blurrr mode, tapiiii supervisor dah macam masuk gear 5..

from my observation, PhD is like another world..nothing near to Degree or Master..totally different..

tetiba rindu zaman degree di UIA, walking leisurely to class with Mama Na, Huda, Ifah..yang lain pergi class naik motor, tak geng..hahah

n i miss durham too..walk to bus stop, wait for the bus dalam keadaan menggigil..membebel dgn sabrina sbb bas lambat..n how we wish ada orang datang tumpangkan kitorg ke kelas..rindu!

and now, its like a lonely battle of war...the only friends I have are my sv..Dr F and Dr N..pegi uni, jumpa both of them, then discuss, then balik

9.30pm..tengah standby depan laptop juz in case my sv call request to make any changes to the proposal..oh ya, kitorg in a process to apply grant..tonight is the due date..pray that our application will b approved ya!

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