Monday, April 18, 2016

Conference at Langkawi

11th till 13th April - I have attend a conference at Langkawi..since I never leave Hasya even for a day, so I decided to bring her along..when I talk about bring her along, it means tok, tokwan and her maksu will tag along too..hehe

Dr N and Dr F are sooo nice and I feel lucky to have them as my SV..Dr F keep pushing me to write paper for that conference and Dr N provide me with free accommodation and told me not to worry about conference fees, only bother about my paper and the presentation.

it took me about 2 weeks to complete the paper, Dr F did the review and Dr N settled the admin stuff..once again, Allah ease my path..Hasya was soo behave, she enjoy riding the ferry and sleep peacefully..and the presentation went I get addicted to

well, worried about the presentation is one thing, worried about Hasya is another thing..but she's fine..really fine..Alhamdulillah

now, Literature Review time..I try to be consistent in reading and writing 6 hours daily and library has become my second home! tomorrow will be my appointment with librarian for individual consultation on how to find articles and journals for my research..Hasya, stay dgn tok and tokwan okeh!


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