Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6 yrs back...

last saturday, i hv got a chance to give a motivational talk to bdk2 matrik.juz nk tlg my ex-lecturer promote KICT kt diorg yg baru masuk alam university..
look at them reminds me on who I am last 6 yrs...look very innocent, hv no idea on whats going on n don't really no what to do..juz go with a flow..
i juz share with them my experince during study time n my working experience..actually, reha n ana dh bg some idea aper yg nk ckap on that day..i hv make some notes on paper but when the time comes, i lose even one word from my mind..more than 350 students in front of me make me blank and nervous..i try to read from my notes, but it seems like nothing goes into my mind..so, once the micr given to me, i juz 'redah jer'..sian btul bdk2 tu, ntah aper benda la aku tipu diorg..haha

but i know, this is what i want n what i dream of..2 share smthing with my junior..n i hv grab that opportunity..
tq 2 ana, reha and jat who alwaz support me even korg duk kt blkg jer..haha.support dr blkg la konon..huhu
special thanx goes 2 dr norshidah sbb blanjer kitorg mkn n give us some advice..
dr..ur thought bout life really motivates me..
to faheem n sidek, look at both of u i can realize u hv a good life now..keep it up frens
to my juniors, even we only hv a short time 2gether, but for me we hv make it wonderful n meaningful moment..good luck 2 all of u n enjoy u study life..


@naBest said...

hahhaa..kitorg kan selalu menyapot noni...dun wori...congrats.. u make me proud. Wahh!!! terlebey sudah....

Anonymous said...

Sorry can't make it on that day, actually i have to be there as a backup plan kalau you all tak datang kena promo FYP project but since the support is big, Alhamdulilah on that so I just have my sweet weekend time at home. :D

humaimee said...

good time .. ehem .. well, not always. ada ups and downs jugak. but all the same, always look on the bright side.

rafi cyber said...

huhuu... sedarlah diri sudah senior.. huhu

Husna said...

ana--> thanz la korg..selalu support noni..hehe

bro sadry--> sir, hope 2 c u on that day..but its ok la..i faham..holiday mesti nk duk umah kn..hehe

faheem--> yeah..life is up n down

rafi--> saper senior? i still young tau..hehe