Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hidup perlu brsabar

Juz wanna share with all of u guys..smtime joy n sorrow do come together..bcoz thats what makes our life balance. same goes to me..
last 2 weeks, i got an email from UUM..
Application for Graduate Studies Programme in Master of Science (Information Technology) at Universiti Utara Malaysia.
Please be informed that your application for the above programme at Universiti Utara
Malaysia is successful. Congratulations!

I cannot imagine how happy i'm when i got this 2 days after that email, i got another email inform me about the fees.
Tuition Fees :
Registration RM 550.00 (one time)
Library RM 20.00
Student Welfare RM 13.00
Tuition Fee RM 1,926.00 x 3 modules

The amount due for this session would be RM 6,361.00 only.

The payment should b done before or on registration day which is on 14th June..juz 10 days to go..maner nk dpt rm6k within 10 days application will take 3 to 4 weeks...
After thinking thoroughly, may b i should delay my study..even its hard, but i got no choice..

Hidup kena byk brsabar, bcoz smtime nothing we can do except brsabar...
Juz jgn patah semangat n teruskn impian..mgkn agak lmbt tp masih punya impian n semangat..


hazlif said...

hehehe.... masa mekup malam nikah tu pn kakak tu ckp mcm rozita che wan gak... huhuhuh.. but me..jz being me... me, myself & I... tqvm for being my pengapit.. sgt2 menghargainya...

Husna said...

u r welcome filzah..thats all i can do 4 u dear..dpt kenalan baru..haha