Monday, June 02, 2008

Congratz filz...

Last saturday was Filzah's wedding..really hepi 2 see her finally got married with her husband after 11 yrs bercinta..hehe. this is the only one my member yg couple for that long long period..look them in orange, i can say that they have made a very rite choice bcoz she looks very beutiful(till the cameraman cakap.."u ni mcm rozita che wan la..")..filzah...i can see ur smile smpi ke telinga once he says that..haha.n her husband, look really gorgeous la..hehe..
anyway..congratz from me n really hope u ll b a good wife n good future mum..n of course make sure u ll b hot mama..haha
lpas ni, things will b litter bit different..more responsibility u hv put in ur, good luck dear...:)

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