Friday, August 29, 2008

i'm tired

today is thursday..supposedly tomorrow will b the last working day 4 this week..but i cannot focus on work, i think if i go to the ofis 2morrow, nothing will b done..or in other words, i juz waste my time sitting in front of the mechine without settle down anything..

i still hv smthing to do at the juz the 'mood' doesn't come along. of course its a big problem to deal with..

hence, the RITE solution for this porblem is:-

apply for annual leave and balik i'm packing my belongings and early in the morning i'll drive to my hometown...hope i'll find my 'mood' and peacefulness at kedah

really miss to see 'sawah padi yg terbentang luas' and wajah2 insan yg trsayang..hehe
bye KL...

1 comment:

hazlif said...

Jom nurul kita balik kedah... tgk sawah padi yg luas terbentang... pas2 ari 31hb nnt g tgk perarakan kt aloq star... :)