Tuesday, October 20, 2009

when its already late

We alwaz hide what we feel..n we alwaz take for granted when he stay in front of our eyes..
We keep everything in our heart and let the time to tell him that you still love him..

When we lose sm1, then we tend to mad at ourself for not saying the things we could've a million times.

Anyone can be taken away at any time in our lives but we always wait until they're gone to say the things we never had the courage to say before...

until then,when u know its already late..then you will say to yourself..'if there is any second chance' or 'if i can turn back time'...

'i really wanted him to know, i still love him..
i start to realize it when i saw him with other gurl..
it hurts me so much...
but still i'm happy when i see him happy..
even his happiness is not with me...i can still smile for him..

i cried so much lately..
n i really want to stop crying..
but my tears keep dropping all the time..
i hate it..really hate it

i hate this feeling..its really killing me

1 comment:

Unknown said...

cry as you can and stop when you feel relief.. make people happy even you a not happy.. try to smile and there is always someone waiting for you.. waiting to grab n hold your hand n your heart..