Monday, June 22, 2009

its 4.45 am

its 4.45 am..n it is 8.30 am i must b at office..
damn!! still can't sleep at this time...

hmm..what i gonna do at this time around??really hates when i'm in this kind of situation..wake up at a time when everybody is sleeping bcoz it makes me feel so lonely inside..n cannot help it..
makes me miss my family so much..

hah is father's day..oh nope!!yesterdy actually..already wish my dad..n as like another year, he wait for his children wishes...(abg, jgn luper wish!!)

p/s: mycolorful weekend Part 2 discontinued bcoz the author is so lazy to write..hehe

n she wanna continue to berangan now..bye

1 comment:

CnB said...

berangan rupanya.. patut la nampak mcm ada jerawat kat idung tu.. hehehe.. jgn mare ye.. joking je..